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RSS is a common and very simple syndication system that has been used by millions of websites for a number of years now. RSS makes it incredibly easy to receive automatic and rapid updates any time content is added, changed, or updated in any way. RSS stands for rich site summary and with a simple monitoring tool any and all parts of a website can be monitored automatically. RSS is really really simple to setup and use too so no matter what you want to follow it’ll be remarkably easy to make things work the way you want them.

RSS Extensions is, like many other sites, focused on providing you with any and all major RSS feeds so that you can keep up with news and information from a variety of sources. Obviously there are a lot more RSS feeds out there to choose from but this site will give you a good starting point for most major interests.

Fortunately thanks to how simple RSS is most websites are automatically setup to provide RSS feed info. RSS feeds can be configured in a number of ways, all of which are entirely based on how you set up your specific RSS reader, which is precisely what makes RSS feeds so incredibly useful for users. Depending on what web browser you use you may already have a built in RSS feed monitoring system that can keep track of everything for you, which would make it incredibly easy to setup.

To start tracking RSS feeds you should keep an eye out for any websites that have a “RSS Logo” somewhere on the page. If you click on this you will automatically be taken to whichever RSS reader you have installed so that you can quickly and easily start following various RSS feeds. RSS really is simple to use and easy to setup so if you want to keep track of a number of different websites and social networks RSS feeds are the best way to do it. Try it out right now using any RSS feeds from whatever websites you visit, it will only take a couple of minutes to get everything setup and it might make your life a lot simpler if you frequently follow a lot of different websites.

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